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Many a successful company can look back upon humble beginnings. Strömberg is no exception.

Strömberg 1982 version 1.0 commenced its operations in a one room basement location with 4 employees and 145 square metres of office and storage space. But even then our strategy was to work close, hand in hand with our customers offering a high level of service and commitment. Our strategy is simple. For Strömberg to be succesful our customers must be successful. It really is about win win and being customer commited.

145 square meters in 1982 has now grown into some 30000 square meters and Strömberg with 4 employees in Sweden has grown into 140 dedicated staff members Nordic-wide.

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Drawing upon our passion, intelligence and dedication Strömberg stands ready to provide its customers with logistical and communication solutions. These solutions are designed to improve the economy and impact of your project. We are here to make a difference and help you succeed. No more no less.

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