Communication and distribution

We love variable data.
Personalised, customised and automated.

When your message is sent to the ideal recipient at the ideal moment and containing the ideal content. That´s what we call ideal communication. Communication that is relevant harvests the best returns.
Strömberg – Your ideal communication provider.

Your thoughts, your ambitions, your communication transformed into one seamless production flow enabled and managed by our systems, our machinery and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Ancillary Services

Print on demand

Print when you need to, when it makes sense and in volumes that produce no waste. Print production on your terms.

Print on demand POD

Other services


Expansive facilities for storage of large volumes of goods, printed matter, marketing materials or other assorted items.

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In need of help?

Give us a call, let’s set up a non-conditional meeting digitally or physically and allow us to present and explain our solutions on how to implement or improve your communication, warehousing and distribution needs. 40 years of experience awaits.

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We’re looking forward to helping you with your communication and distribution.

We love what we do and it shows! We only want what’s best for your project so at times we may, without any undiminished commitment involve one of our formally approved production partners to assist us in reaching project goals. At the end of the day Strömberg guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. Isn’t that the most important?

Contact us. We can communication and distribution.

Let’s get it right…from the start!

Our early involvement in discussing your projects needs helps to facilitate upon agreement a smoother production implementation. By gaining a full understanding of your projects ambitions, already in the pre-planning discussions, we are able to identify and avoid any pitfalls before production commences which is always a key factor in any successful collaboration.