Logistics & Warehousing

Physically or digitally.

Store your goods in one of our modern warehouses and we will provide temperature and humidity reports in real time. Should it be digital storage that you require then we are able to provide a highly secure environment under continuous surveillance.

All items are logged upon arrival and entered into our IT-systems for ordering and invoicing. Reports regarding sales, stock balance and status of invoice are automatically generated and provided according to agreement.

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Additional services

Dealer network

Do you need to supply a dealer network with printed matter or marketing materials, perhaps even in a variety of languages? No problem, aucun problem, nessun problema, kein problem, Inga problem!

Campaign managment

The Climate, Strömberg and positive action

Our wind turbine supplies us with the majority of our energy needs and we are even able to offer other environmentally focused companies the opportunity of acquiring any excess energy the turbine may produce.

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Whatever your logistical needs may be or however challenging these may appear we are quietly confident that after a discussion with one of our experienced project leaders things will look and feel a whole lot clearer.

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Your storage needs may be in part physical and in part digital but whatever your storage needs we are here to help. We are here to provide old fashioned service and a hands on approach and on the rare occasion that we contact a formally approved Strömberg production partner to assist us in fulfilling your project needs then rest assured your project remains our project and we continue to manage, hands on with undiminished enthusiasm and responsibility.  Modern storage, physically or digitally. Contact us!

The sooner the better

Project pitfalls are easier to avoid if identified at an early stage. Allowing an experienced Strömberg Project Leader to assist you already in your projects pre-planning minimises risks and maximises returns. Whether it be storage optimisation in a modern facility or the fulfilment of pick and pack orders through effective production processes the application of our knowledge and experience ensures a successful result for all your long or short term assignments.