Print on demand

Print on demand

A clean green printing machine.

Print on demand is as it´s name implies…on demand. Printing on demand means your communication will be current, relevant and produced in volumes that facilitate zero excess. Now that’s we call being environmentally responsible.

Not to mention that this type of printing eliminates unnecessary storage of printed materials. Now that’s what we call being economically responsible.

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Project management

For us at Strömberg complex project management is an opportunity for us to prove why we are the best in our fields.  We are confident that we have the right solutions and the right project leader for your assignment so why not give us a call.

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Strömberg takes its environmental responsibilities seriously.

To that end we have built our own wind turbine and this turbine provides all the electricity necessary to run our facilities and all our operations. We are proud of the fact that any energy excess produced by our turbine is made available to the market and other companies looking to procure an environmentally friendly source of energy.

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Project Management and printing all day, every day and we love it!
And customer projects that challenge us that little extra? Well, we love these even more.

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